Three Things Every Antiracist Can Do This Thanksgiving (and Beyond)

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S., so you’re probably busy getting ready. As you check off the many items on your to-do list, don’t forget to add these important actions every antiracist can do this Thanksgiving and beyond:

Get Educated: Part of fighting white supremacy is dismantling false narratives like those depicted in the familiar image below. No one expects you to be as skilled as Franchesca Ramsey in her spectacular Everything You Know About Thanksgiving is WRONG but you can still do your part to decolonize Thanksgiving by helping to re-educate people in your circles of influence. Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) worked in partnership with Indigenous comrades to develop this Thanksgiving Toolkit to help prepare you for tough conversations by arming you with important resources and perspectives.

(image of white Pilgrims kindly sharing food with kneeling Native Americans)

Prepare for Bold Conversations: Not sure how to even begin the “difficult conversations” you’re supposed to be having? SURJ collaborated with Color of Change on a video featuring actor and SURJ Connector Matt McGorry. Watch Bold Conversations in advance of your time with family and friends to develop the skills you’re going to need.

Have a Backup Plan: If it all sounds good in theory but you still get stuck, excuse yourself to the bathroom (with your phone, of course) and browse How to Talk to Your Family About Racism on Thanksgiving, a quick and easy guide to navigating common topics that may come up at the dinner table. Just look up the issue at hand, gather a few talking points, take a deep breath, and head back to it. If that particular conversation is over, you’ll feel more prepared the next time.

It may be a huge relief when you finally escape your relatives, but this work is never done. Don’t forget to get back at it the very next day with #BuyBlack Friday. Of course we’re all working to reduce overall consumerism for the sake of our environment but for those of us who can’t resist shopping the sales, consider making all purchases through black-owned businesses. Economic justice is an important part of reparations for centuries of race-based oppression, and supporting black business success is one way to do your part. These tips should help make it easy for you this Friday and all year long:

  • Use the WeBuyBlack website to shop for health & beauty products, household products, clothing, accessories, art, gifts, and more.
  • Download the BuyBlack Chrome extension to find out if there is a black-owned business that sells any product you’re searching for online. Learn about how it works here.

Here’s wishing you a happy (but not silent) Thanksgiving Day, and a holiday season full of peace and justice for all!

Posted by CC Hutchinson at 8:12 AM

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